5 Questions Constituents Concerned & My Answers ​

If elected, what would be your top priority as a City Councillor? Why?

My top priority is public safety. We are seeing an increasingly prevalence of gun crime across the city. We need to ensure that our police officers have the tools and the resources they need to protect our communities. My family choose to live in Toronto because we believe it is the best place to live, work, and raise a family. But for residents to take advantage of all that our city has to offer, they need to feel safe, whether they are at home, at the office, or at school.

What local issues in your ward deserve more attention? Why?

I firmly believe that community safety deserves more attention here in Don Valley North. You can look at the newspaper and you’ll see headlines about shootings at familiar streets in our area. The shootings at locations like Leslie & Finch, Fairview Mall nearby, or Bayview & Cummer take a toll on our communities. Local businesses hurt if residents stay home because they are worried about their safety.

What should the next City Council do about housing in Toronto? Why?

Housing in Toronto is not affordable. Our city is attracting new comers from all across the world because it is an incredible place to live. Our population is growing rapidly, but housing supply has not grown fast enough to meet demand. I would like to see the city increase housing density to mid-high on main streets and introduce lane homes at houses that back on main street.

What should the next City Council do about transportation and how we get around Toronto? Why?

Commuting in our city continues to get worse. We need to add more north-south buses to key routes and ensure our transit system has the capacity to handle growing numbers. For Hop-on Hop-off, it should be extended from two hours to three hours.

Should the next City Council change anything about municipal taxes or city services? Why?

The first task of the new city council should be improving transparency & cutting waste. We need to improve transparency at city hall and move to a standard that information is open by default. Taxpayers have a right to know how our dollars are being spent, and council has a duty to provide this information. We need to go line by line in the city budget and ensure residents are getting value for their money.


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